Mk351 Principles of Marketing

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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*If you are a vegetarian, check column C for these (*) topics. ♥RATE YOUR DIET♥
Think about the way you usually eat and for each food topic, put a check mark in column A, B or C.

|Topic |A |B |C | |Red Meat* |___Usually eat three or more |_x__Usually eat twice a week |___Usually eat once a week or less | | |times a week | | | |RED MEAT |___Usually eat high-fat cuts, |__x_Sometimes eat |___Usually eat lean beef cuts such as round,| |CHOICES* |such as ribs, |high-fat cuts, such as ribs, |loin, flank; lean pork and lamb cuts such as| | |brisket, T-bone steak, prime |brisket, T-bone steak, prime |loin and leg; and veal | | |rib, sausage |rib, sausage |Or, I rarely eat meat | |GROUND MEAT, |__x_ Usually eat regular, chuck |___ Usually eat |___ Usually eat ground turkey breast or | |BURGERS* |or lean |ground sirloin or round, ground |vegetable patties Or, I rarely eat ground | | |ground beef with more than 15% |turkey, or ground beef with |meat or burgers | | |fat |10-15% fat. | | |CHICKEN, TURKEY, ETC.* |___x Usually eat chicken, |___ Sometimes eat |___ Usually eat chicken, turkey, and other | | |turkey, and other poultry with |chicken, turkey, and other |poultry without skin | | |skin |poultry with skin | | |FISH* |__x_Usually eat fish less than |___Usually eat fish once a week |___Usually eat fish twice a week or more | | |once a week | | | |CHICKEN AND FISH CHOICES* |___Usually eat fried chicken |___Sometimes eat |__x_Usually eat chicken and fish that is | | |and/or fried |fried chicken and/or fried fish |baked, broiled, grilled, poached, roasted, | | |fish and shellfish |and shellfish |etc. | |COLD CUTS, HOT |___Usually/often eat |___Sometimes eat |__x_Usually eat roast beef, turkey breast, | |DOGS, BREAKFAST |salami, bologna, other cold |salami, bologna, other cold |ham, or low-fat cold cuts, low-fat hot dogs,| |MEATS* |cuts, hot dogs, bacon, sausage |cuts, hot dogs, bacon, sausage |low fat bacon/sausage | | | | |Or, I rarely eat processed meats | |SERVING SIZES OF MEATS (COOKED)*|___Usually eat large portions (7|_x__Usually eat |___Usually eat small portions (3 oz. or | | |oz. or |medium portions (4-6 oz.) |less) | | |more) | | | |MEATLESS MAIN...
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