Animal Abuse Essay

Topics: Livestock, Factory farming, Milk Pages: 9 (3539 words) Published: July 26, 2011
Arsh Momin
Crystal Wright
English 1102
17 November 2008
Factory Farming
Today, life on the farm isn't what it used to be a few decades ago. The lively green landscape and peaceful barnyard outlook depicted in children’s books have been substituted with unventilated shacks, petite crates, chained pens, and other confinement units central to what is now known as “factory farming.” Factory farming is a term used to describe a method of farming where animals are deprived of space, food, shelter and natural breeding patterns (Flynn 202). This is a form of large-scale, industrialized agriculture. The primary aim of factory farms today is become to maliciously torture, damage, mutilate, or brutally kill the animals for mass production and profit. This is inhumane because it imposes torment on living creatures. The meat intake of Americans has significantly increased in the past few decades. As a result, more humanitarian treatment of farm animals and efforts to stop the spread of diseases are needed immediately to ensure the safety of all. The farmed birds and cattle used for meat are kept captive in dreadful conditions with layers of dead chicken or cattle as a carpet for other animals to step upon. This causes the initiation of disease, and not only that, but also the vast expansion of it due to congested space affecting meat eaters in a deadly manner. The effects of mass factory farming includes the increase of disease multiplication, food poisoning, crime rate, domestic violence, and a crush of moral values in hopes of gaining a fortune at the expense of torture. The chickens used for meat are distorted genetically in order to boost their growth rate to twice their innate size and structure. Due to this push, which exceeds their biological margins, millions of chickens are slaughtered before reaching the desired slaughter weight at six weeks (Chen 25). Chickens are kept in confined areas where locomotion is almost impossible, causing them to develop crippling feet disorders. This weakness of the legs makes them unable to support their unusually large bodies, causing an even greater malfunction of their body. These animals call home a diseased factory farm, which is restrained and unhygienic. Even before the slaughter, the chickens often surrender to the blazing heated atmosphere, contagious diseases, and cancer. Similar to this situation are turkeys, whose genes are also manipulated to advance their growth to abnormal limits. In addition to the extremely quick growth and large bodies, the turkeys are specifically maneuvered genetically to grow large breasts to meet the increased demand of breast meat (Flynn 202). As an effect, the turkeys cannot accumulate and reproduce naturally. The only answer to this that farm owners have is reproduction by the means of artificial insemination. With these alteration in the meat we consume, the industrial animal agriculture becomes a launch pad for some of the deadly disease that humans indure. After their period of the induced abnormal growth of size and structure, the birds are then transported to the slaughterhouse for the brutal killing. They are transferred in petite crates mounted upon one another on the rear side of open trucks. During this transport, the animals are unguarded from harsh weather conditions, and some are even expected to die due to strain and suffering (Smith 36). Some solidify to ice in winter while others throttle to death from heat trauma. But this issue is of little or no concern with the factory farmers because this type of transportation, using crates without safeguard, maximizes their profit and almost doubles the production. The other animals who do actually reach the slaughterhouse, are jerked separately from the crates or for the ease of unloading, the crates are dispatched from the truck using a crane or forklift, and the animals are cast off onto a conveyor belt. During delivery, some birds fall off or fail to spot the conveyer belt,...
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