Topics: Exorcism, Black people, The Exorcism of Emily Rose Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Bella Genta
Mr. Rienhoff, per 0
AP Lang & Comp
21 Feb. 2013
Beloved SMM #6
Pages 274- end

Say | Mean| Matter|
“Braced and heartened by the easy encounter, she picked up speed and began to look deliberately at the neighborhood surrounding her. She was shocked to see how small the big things were…” (289). | In this part of the novel, Denver has been encouraged by the spirit of Baby Suggs to go out into her community to find help for Sethe. Going out is a big deal because Denver had not left 124 by herself in twelve years. | As Sethe’s only remaining child, Denver represents the future. In this chapter, Denver transforms from a girl into a woman and begins, for the first time, to develop an independent sense of self. She serves as a bridge between Sethe and the rest of the community, and she provides Sethe with an opportunity to escape the haunting memories and sins of the past. She feels a sense of responsibility for her mother, who grows weaker and weaker in the shadows of Beloved’s power and of her own guilt. Ironically, Sethe’s regression toward infancy triggers Denver’s maturation.| “Some brought what they could and what they believed would work. Stuffed in apron pockets, strung around their necks, lying in the space between their breasts. Others brought Christian faith – as shield and sword. Most brought a little of both. They had no idea what they would do once they got there. They just started out, walked down Bluestone Road and came together at the agree-upon time,” (303). | In this part of the novel, the people of the community are on their way to 124. The song they are singing is only the first step on their mission to exorcise Beloved from 124. | While Denver represents the future, Beloved, of course, represents the past. Throughout the book, Beloved stands for the haunting legacy of slavery. As her presence becomes a danger to the whole black community, we see that the consequences of slavery haunt not only individuals but whole...
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