Media Recommendations

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Media Recommendations

An effective advertising plan is only one part of your overall marketing plan. Effective advertising and promotional materials are born from a strong marketing plan. You want everything integrated and working together. The better your marketing plan is, the more effective your advertising plan will be. When it comes to accurately portraying and promoting our product in the media we took into account the general demand for the product throughout the year. Being that pizza is something that can be enjoyed at all times of year with no season restrictions. Due to this fact we decided to go with a pulsing scheduling pattern; Pulsing combines flighting and continuous scheduling by using a low advertising level all year round and heavy advertising during peak selling periods. Product categories that are sold year round but experience a surge in sales at intermittent periods are good candidates for pulsing. Since the demand for pizza is set at a steady pace we believe it is best to market the product year round and focus heavily on the summer months when people are more inclined to order out. When it comes to portraying our product in the media we chose to attack the most commonly used forms, which are print and television, while also utilizing new media and internet advertising as our media vehicles. In terms of overall advertising expenditures, media advertising is still dominated by Press and television, which are of comparable size by value of sales. Our brand is popular enough to wear people recognize it when placed in television commercials and printed media, however this only makes coming up with more creative advertising endeavors more challenging. One of the biggest contributing factors to knowing how to accurately promote our product is knowing what media outlet to use and who exactly to market to. We decided to make a print magazine ad that directly illustrates the demand for the product and how it affects the consumers. One of the...
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