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General Description


The M.A. program in English invites applicants from any accredited college or university who wish to pursue graduate studies in English, American, and Anglophone literatures. The M.A. in English is designed to provide a broad background in English literatures and to introduce students to methods of critical analysis and scholarly technique. The Department welcomes students interested in preparing themselves for doctoral programs, teachers intent on deepening their understanding of literature, and persons eager to enrich their lives through reading and writing. The program cultivates broad reading, rigorous analysis of texts, and extended writing informed by research. It includes course work spanning a range of historical periods from the medieval to the present. Applicants to the programs usually have taken at least six upper-division, undergraduate courses in English, American, and world literature. The department offers two plans of study leading to the degree: 1.) Plan A, which requires at least eight courses (consisting of a minimum of 24 hours of course work) together with a thesis. 2.) Plan B, which requires at least ten courses (consisting of a minimum of 30 hours of course work) with an essay. At the time of acceptance, each student is assigned to a department advisor. The student’s program must be planned with the advisor’s approval. Both plans A and B can be broken down into three basic requirements beyond those of the bachelor’s degree: 1) a particular distribution of courses 2) a comprehensive examination 3) an essay or creative project for Plan B or a thesis for Plan A

General Course Requirements for all MA Candidates 1. Students are required to take at least three courses that examine pre-Romantic materials, and to take at least three courses that examine materials from the Romantics or posteighteenth century onwards. 2. Independent Studies in the Graduate Program are subject to a maximum of one threecredit course per candidate and shall be pursued only at the 400 level. Students in their final semester may not participate in commencement exercises if they have an incomplete independent study. 3. It is possible for credit for up to six hours of instruction at other institutions to transfer. Students need to fill out a transient petition form, which is available online (from JCU's home page, click on Academics, then choose Arts and Sciences, and then choose Forms and Petitions). The petition must be sent, along with course descriptions, to the English Department's Director of Graduate Studies. Courses must be at the 500 level and students must earn at least a B to receive credit. 4. First-year graduate assistants are required to take EN 589 as preparation for teaching composition classes.

2 5. Students who have not as an undergraduate successfully complete a course in literary criticism or literary theory are strongly urged to include EN 490 History of Literary Theory and Criticism, EN 495 Critical Practice, or EN 590 Studies in Literary Criticism. Plan A Course Requirements There are eight required courses for Plan A, and one more six credit course, EN 599 Thesis. Plan A allows for the inclusion of one 400-level course. Plan B Course Requirements There are ten required courses for Plan B, with at least seven of the courses at the 500 level. This allows for three 400 level courses. Additional Course Requirements for Composition and Rhetorical Studies Track 1. One writing workshop chosen from EN 401/501, 402/502, 404/504. 2. EN 589. 3. Two courses in language or theory chosen from EN 485, 488, 490, 590. Additional Course Requirements for the Creative Writing Track 1. Three writing...
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