Marketing Myopia

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Marketing Myopia is defined by how almost every major industry used to once be a growth industry. However, presently they have already reached a declining period where growth is unable to return though not the fault of the market. As the market is not saturated making growth difficult, reaching the declining period was due to companies being unable to manage themselves properly.

Fateful purpose is created by the inability for executives at the top to realize what the purpose of their company is. In order to escape such specific thinking, it is better to broaden their companies’ views and create a vaguer image that can hold on to the total consumers. Today’s companies need to understand who they are creating their product for in a broad sense otherwise they will be unable to produce a new amount of customer satisfaction.

Error Analysis provides companies a way to not limit and realize what other aspects the product they create can enter into. In the real world today, specific specializations for a company will need to analyze what they need to do to continue growing and satisfy the consumers by utilizing their inventiveness and skill.

Shadow of obsolescence shows that people change over time and trend ideas that seem ingenious do not always last. It is important to understand this sort of topic in today’s world as trends quickly appear and disappear over time.

A self-deceiving cycle provides the inability to think outside their growth and that it is set to continue inevitably as it may be providing a nice set course at the time. Industries that created a product that hailed them through the growth stage provide a calm that deceives them into believing that growth is assured without competition substitution.

The population myth is a symbol of relief over time and that as consumers increase; your profits will equally follow and increase as well. However, realistically speaking for modern times, this is not the case as then there will be no increase in...
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