Marketing Management

Topics: Customer, Cost, Market Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Strong Management (Rahat bakery) Strong management can help Rahat bakery reach its potential by utilizing strengths and eliminating weakness. Pricing Power (Rahat bakery) Customers typically rebel against price increases by switching to competing products. Innovative Culture (Rahat bakery) An innovative culture helps Rahat bakery to produce unique products and services that meet their customers requirement. Supply Chain (Rahat bakery) A strong supply chain helps Rahat bakery obtain the right resources from suppliers and delivery the right product to customers in a timely manner. Cost Advantages (Rahat bakery) Lower costs lead to higher profits for Rahat bakery. Unique Products (Rahat bakery) Unique products help distinguish Rahat bakery from competitors. Technology (Rahat bakery) Superior technology allows Rahat bakery to better meet the needs of their customers in ways. Customer Loyalty (Rahat bakery) When given a choice, customers are loyal to Rahat bakery. Instead of targeting all customers. Brand Name (Rahat bakery) A strong brand name is a major strength of Rahat bakery.

Tarnished Reputation (Rahat bakery) A tarnished reputation can hurt Rahat bakery’s brand in the eyes of a consumer. Cost Structure (Rahat bakery) A weak cost structure means Rahat bakery’s costs are high in comparison to their competitors.

Fragmented Market (Rahat bakery) Fragmented markets provide many opportunities for Rahat bakery to expand and increase market share. Financial Leverage (Rahat bakery) Leveraging the balance sheet allows Rahat bakery to quickly expand into other markets and products. Innovation (Rahat bakery) Greater innovation can help Rahat bakery to produce unique products and services that meet the customers needs. New Services (Rahat bakery) New services help Rahat bakery to better meet their customer’s needs. International Expansion (Rahat bakery) International markets offer Rahat bakery new opportunities to...
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