Marketing 21st Century

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Unit 1 – Marketing for the 21st Century
The Five Company Orientation towards the Market Place
As the market has changed, so has the way the company deals with the marketplace. The company orientation towards marketplace deals with the concepts which a company may apply while targeting a market. There are basically five different orientations which a company takes towards the marketplace.

Production Concept
In this concept the company mainly tries to increase production irrespective of demands of the customer. The production concept is almost extinct now with companies paying more and more attention to the customer. The basic proposition is that customers will choose products and services that are widely available and are of low cost. So business is mainly concerned with making as many units as possible. By concentrating on producing maximum volumes, such a business aims to maximize profitability by exploiting economies of scale. Managers try to achieve higher volume with low cost and intensive distribution strategy. This seems a viable strategy in a developing market where market expansion is the survival strategy for the business. Companies interested to take the benefit of scale economies purse this kind of orientation. In a production-orientated business, the needs of customers are secondary compared with the need to increase output. Such an approach is probably most effective when a business operates in very high growth markets or where the potential for economies of scale is significant. It is natural that the companies cannot deliver quality products and suffer from problems arising out of impersonal behavior with the customers

Selling Concept
The selling concept believes that customers will not buy products unless persuaded to do so. As we know, this is true even today in case of certain products such as insurance. Although the customer should use it, they rarely do. The Selling Concept proposes that customers, be individual or organizations will not buy enough of the organization’s products unless they are persuaded to do so through selling effort. So organizations should undertake selling and promotion of their products for marketing success. The consumers typically are inert and they need to be goaded for buying by converting their inert need in to a buying motive through persuasion and selling action. This approach is applicable in the cases of unsought goods like life insurance, vacuum cleaner, and firefighting equipment including fire extinguishers. These industries are seen having a strong network of sales force. This concept is applicable for the firms having over capacity in which their goal is to sell what they produce than what the customer really wants. In a modern marketing situation the buyer has a basket to choose from and the customer is also fed with a high decibel of advertising. So often there is a misconception that marketing is all about selling. The problem with this approach is that the customer will certainly buy the product after the persuasion and if dissatisfied will not speak to others. In reality this does not happen and companies pursuing this concept often fail in the business.

Product Concept
The product concept says that customers will always buy products which are better in terms of quality performance and features. The concept is especially applicable in terms of electronics and other techno gadgets nowadays. The product concept proposes that consumers will prefer products that have better quality, performance and features as opposed to a normal product. The concept is truly applicable in some niches such as electronics and mobile handsets. Two companies which stand apart from the crowd when we talk about the product concept are Apple and Google. Both of these companies have strived hard on their products and deliver us feature rich, innovative and diverse application products and people just love these brands. One problem which has been associated with the product...
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