Topics: Philippines, Filipino people, Manila Pages: 3 (1149 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Most of us have heard the new slogan, more than some of us have been exposed to the commercials and the social networking campaign that spread throughout the internet faster than wildfire and a virus; like a viral wildfire. “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!” But, after we laughed at the wit, marvelled at the creativity of the pictures with the now eponymous tagline on the internet, we are left to wonder; Is it Really more Fun in the Philippines? I’ve lived my entire life in the Philippines, not so much a feat I know, but more than that, I have dined with kings and queens on steaks and lobsters, and have eaten balut and fishballs with peasants and mobsters. So I can fairly say; I’ve seen a whole lot of the Filipino society. And if there’s one thing I have learned in all those years is that the worst critics of the Philippines and the Filipinos are not the racist Western Caucasians, nor are the high and mighty, (because of their oil) Middle-Easterners nor the blustering Americans, no! Their criticism is nothing compared to that of the Filipino’s scorn upon himself. How many of us have heard others, and even ourselves say these words and phrases, “ang mga Filipino kasi eh (insert negative characteristic/s here)” or “tayong mga Pinoy kasi...ganito, kwan... (insert negativity here) or SIMPLY say this in an EXASPERATED manner: “HAY PILIPINAS!”or “PINOY NGA NAMAN OH!” There are many possible explanations for this kind of self-condescending and self-deprecating attitude. The one I favour most is that it is the by-product, nay! The product itself of more than 400 years of Western domination! It was said that the Filipino spent 350 years locked up in a convent, and 50 years in Hollywood, (the fact that we’re not totally maniacally insane is a miracle in itself) but in that 400 years in the convent, we were told consistently by a fat friar while pounding the big black book of Catholicism on our heads while telling us we’re idiots and “bobos” and over-all inferior add to...
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