Filipino Values

Topics: Value, Philippines, Morality Pages: 1 (420 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Filipinos believe in themselves that they are Filipinos, but they didn’t know how the real Filipinos really look and what are the qualifications to be a real Filipino. Filipinos have many respectable values, some people didn’t know about it. Filipino culture is the one we will treasure as long as we live. I want you to recall some of the Filipino values that a real Filipino must have. All of us are deeply rooted in faith. We are so conscious of God’s presence steeped in Christian values, ethics and morals. When we have our own problems in life, we just pray to Him solemnly and believe in Him always. If we are with him, nothing is impossible. You see, we Filipinos have a strong faith that no one can even destroy it. They devote time to reconnect with God. They have strong faith, believing that problems and adversities in life will surpass with the help and providence of God. Filipinos are also hospitable. Hospitality is one of the values that tourists from around the world notice first every time they visit the Philippines. Filipinos took great care of their guests, making sure that they're comfortable and happy in their stay. Filipinos are very kind to the visitors even in our simple homes. They are offering all that they can have to satisfy their visitors. Filipinos are also family oriented. They value greatly their families, which is always on top of their priorities. They say that a family that eats together stays together. It means that Filipino families cannot be separated by any means because they love each other and their family is their first priority. Filipinos are also happy people, always smiling and never forget to have a good laugh amidst the problems and hardships that come their ways. Even when in calamities or problems, they are smiling because Filipinos believe that they will overcome their problems. Filipinos also have the will to help each other. This is used to called bayanihan. Filipinos are cooperating with each other to overcome any problem...
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