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Ch 0
Development approaches -

Stage 1.| Justification: Assess the business need that gives rise to the new engineering project.| Stage 2.| Planning: Develop strategic and tactical plans, which lay out how the engineering project will be accomplished and deployed.| Stage 3.| Business analysis: Perform detailed analysis of the business problem or business opportunity to gain a solid understanding of the business requirements for a potential solution (product).| Stage 4.| Design: Conceive a product that solves the business problem or enables the business opportunity.| Stage 5.| Construction: Build the product, which should provide a return on investment within a predefined time frame.| Stage 6.| Deployment: Implement or sell the finished product, then measure its effectiveness to determine whether the solution meets, exceeds, or fails to meet the expected return on investment.|

BI Project approach vs. Traditional (waterfall)

Figure 0.3 highlights other major differences between BI applications and stand-alone systems. * BI applications are mostly driven by business opportunity rather than business need. * BI applications implement a cross-organizational decision-support strategy rather than departmental decision-support silos. * BI decision-support requirements are mostly strategic information requirements rather than operational functional requirements. * Analysis of BI projects emphasizes business analysis rather than system analysis, and analysis is the most important activity when developing a BI decision-support environment. * Ongoing BI application release evaluations promote iterative development and the software release concept rather than big-bang development.

Project-Specific versus Cross-Organizational Steps|
Development Step| Project-Specific versus Cross-Organizational| 1. Business Case Assessment| Cross-organizational|
2. Enterprise Infrastructure Evaluation (technical and nontechnical)|...
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