Corporation and Small Business

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  • Published : May 17, 2012
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Innovation, Design, and Creativity
James Brickey
Ruben Torres
May 4, 2012

Innovation, Design, and Creativity
In this paper am going to show a compare and contrast on innovation, Design, and Creativity. I feel that all three of these go hand in hand, especially when it comes to running a big or small business. Innovation is the drive that a person has to achieve something, to put forth effort to make something great. That is how most companies become corporations is because of the small amount of innovators that are on that companies team at that time. The other thing that a company needs is that for their team to have creativity, to form new ideas and come up with plans that will catch the interest of the consumers. The creativity keeps the small business growing into chains and then Whole Corporation; they keep the market flowing and full of new products so the consumers don’t lose interest in the company and their products. The design is the part where the company comes up with, what the logo is going to look like and what their store looks like as well. The design part is what separates the corporations from others; from the way the employees look to the products that are sold within the company all together. The design can also be part of the company manages their employees and their appearance to the consumers. The design of a company is also very important to business as well. In this shows that Innovation, Design, and creativity may be very different things, but yet they all come together to insure that a big or small business is a successful one. Without those things innovation, design and creativity there would not be new products, stores or employment for a lot of people who depend on these corporations to provide them with their needs and even wants. There would be a lot of the same thongs all over the world, but having those few things keep our business running is truly what makes a big difference in...
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