Managerial Analysis- Module 1

Topics: Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics Pages: 3 (525 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Economics and Managerial Decision Making
Economics (text definition)
The study of the behavior of human beings in producing, distributing and consuming material goods and services in a world of scarce resources Economics (Moss’ favorite definition)
Economics is concerned with how people to allocate scarce resources among alternative uses. Scarcity
Scarce means that there is not enough of the resource available to satisfy all the desires for it without imposing a system of rationing. Resource
Anything valuable
Consumption Resources
Factors of Production (Inputs): Land, Labor, Capital, Entrepreneurship Land
is any natural resource
is work, human toil
is any man made improvement to the production process. Tangible: machines, factories; intangible: human capital Entrepreneurship
is the willingness to take certain risks in the pursuit of goals Microeconomics
is the study of individual consumers and producers in specific markets, especially: • Supply and demand
Consumer behavior
Pricing of output
Production process
Cost structure
Distribution of income
is the study of the aggregate economy, especially:
National output (GDP)
Fiscal and monetary policies
Trade and finance among nations
Managerial Economics
Application of economic theory and analytical tools to help managers make better decisions. •Goal of this course is to show how these tools can be used. •Draws primarily on applied microeconomics.

Relationship to other business disciplines
Marketing: demand, price elasticity, pricing strategies
Finance: capital budgeting, breakeven analysis, opportunity cost, value added Management science: regression analysis, forecasting
Managerial accounting: relevant cost, breakeven analysis, incremental cost analysis, opportunity cost Questions that managers must answer:

What are the economic conditions in our particular market?
o Market...
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