Management Accounting

Topics: Strategic management, Balanced scorecard, Management accounting Pages: 7 (1757 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Department of Accountancy

AC5521 Cost and Management Accounting
Semester B, 2012-2013 Instructor: Dr. Hao ZHANG Tel: Office: Email: Office Hours: Time Venue 3442-8546 G7752 Wed 3:00 pm to 6: pm Thursdays (9:00 am – 11:50 am) AC1 P4701

Course Aims This course aims to provide students with: 1. 2. 3. 4. an introduction to cost and management accounting for internal reporting and decision making purposes; familiarity with cost terminology, and management accounting reports; the ability to apply numerical techniques to solve short run decision making problems; the skill to interpret financial and non-financial performances measures in business.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILO) Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to: No. CIILOs 1. Apply the principles and problems of cost-volume-profit analysis and relevant costs in short run business decisions (Aims 1 2 & 3) Construct operational budgets, the cash budget and the budgeted financial statements and discuss ethical/behavioral issues in budgeting (Aims 2, 3 & 4) Compute and interpret standard costs and variances, and critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantage of standard costing (Aims 2, 3 & 4) Analyze the different responsibility centers, performance measures and goal congruence issues, including the balanced scorecard (Aim 4) Become exposed to issues of strategic planning and control (Aim 4)

Weighting (if applicable) 15-20%







5. 6.


Become familiar with methods of advanced costing methods 15-20% to aid decision-making (Aim 4) 1

Required Textbook 1. Blocher, Stout, Cokins, “Cost Management: A Strategic Emphasis”, 6th edition. The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 2. Garrison, Noreen, Brewer, Cheng, Yuen, “Managerial Accounting: An Asian Perspective” The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. This course is textbook-based. Students are required to have their own copies of the required textbooks, which are relied on heavily in this course. Practice questions are directly from the textbooks. BlackBoard of the Course Important announcements, amendments to teaching schedule, lecture notes and solutions to practice questions will be posted on the Course BlackBoard. Students should visit it on a regular basis, say at least twice a week, to download the relevant materials for study and class preparation. The practice questions will be specified in each lecture and will help students gain a comprehensive understanding of the material and better prepare for the midterm test and final examination. Suggested answers to the these questions will be released on the Course BlackBoard weekly after the questions have been released. Should you have any questions or problems regarding the answers to the assigned questions, please contact me via email to arrange a meeting. Alternatively, you may find me during my consultation hours.

Assessment Coursework Class participation Mid-term test Group project Total for Coursework Final Examination Total . Important Notes: Students are required to pass both coursework and examination components in order to pass the course. For example, a student getting the full mark (100 points out of 100) in the final examination will still fail the course if the student earns a total of only 49 points out of 100 from the coursework, despite the average of the two components is above 50. For illness or other circumstances related to assessment, please refer to the University's 2

10% 25% 15% 50% 50% 100%

Academic Regulations.   The following statement is extracted from the revised Academic Regulations AR10.1: "A student who believes that his/her ability to attend an examination, or in-course assessment with a weighting of 20% or above, has been adversely affected by circumstances beyond his/her control must submit the case, with documentary evidence, to his/her home department following the procedures stated on the University website, as...
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