Major Problems Facing Small Scale Enterprises

Topics: Lagos, Local government, Entrepreneurship Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: March 21, 2012
Major problems facing small scale enterprises
One major problem in Nigeria's business environment is inadequate power supply. This and other factors are responsible for the problems and low performance of small scale enterprises and these problems seem to have to defied all efforts by government to address them. The problems over the years have equally kept foreign investors on the run despite Nigeria's efforts to lure them to invest in the country.In this edition, Saturday Vanguard went to town to know how operators of small scale enterprises are surviving the hardship and how they want government to assist them to cushion the effects. Government should do something about power supply

Emmanuel Kayode Balogun is a photographer who operates a Photo Studio at Itire, a part of Lagos suburb. He says: One of the problems facing the photographing business now is road-side photographers who go around conducting the business at reduced prices on the streets of Lagos without renting shops, a situation which has reduced business for some of us who rent photo studios and are paying rent and a monthly levy to Local Government. Recently, Lagos State Professional Photographers, an umbrella body governing photographers in Lagos State are making efforts to set a task force that will curb this road side photographers and return them to the normal way we used to do it since government is not doing anything after receiving the complaints from the union. That apart, another factor that try to put us out of business is lack of power supply. This one is beyond our control. I spend a lot of money buying petrol so that I can use a generator to work for hours. Even with that, a generator can't carry a digital camera machine. It can always spoil it because of its capacity. This is a problem because these days, customers prefer passports with digital camera because it's quicker and sharper and with a generator, you can't be able to do that. So we keep losing customers and losing...
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