Issues Affecting Small Business

Topics: Website, World Wide Web, Online shopping Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: January 17, 2009
In this week’s Library Project my chosen topic is Issues Affecting a Small Business. After reading the article I have decided that the author’s thesis is he wants to instruct you on how to go about opening up a virtual store front and the main things to consider. The article I chose to read was “Your Web Store’s Grand Opening by Matthew D. Sarrel. This is an informative article with the primary audience being businesses considering opening up a virtual business. This writer’s objective in this article is to shed some light on how to start an opening up a store online and make it succeed. He has done a very good job explaining step by step how to build the Web storefront and the whole positive purpose to having one. He tells how to have a virtual store front you have to have the shelves stocked with product and that there has to be a quick and easy way for the checkout process to take place. This is a very good point as that is the whole idea behind virtual shopping is to save time, so the last thing that you want is to go to your favorite site and find that what you want is out of stock or that you have a long drawn out process to go through in order to pay for them. The whole article was very informative and did a real good job of opening up the whole idea of building a Web store front. He started at the first step you have to do in order to begin and took you right through the whole process to shipping the product to the consumer. His information didn’t stop there though as he also explained the importance of having a site that had good technical support so that if there was a problem with the web site as soon as you became aware of it you could call someone to get it fixed immediately so as not to lose too many sales. He did mention that you could build your own site without using templates , however this is not a very easy way to start and takes quite a bit of knowledge to get the site to look inviting so that the consumers will come there to buy their...
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