Maids of Honor

Topics: Prince, Light, Philip IV of Spain Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: May 12, 2013

1- The Maids of Honor is a 1656 painting done by Diego Velazquez. Its subject goes around a portrait of the main characters in the painting, also it shows the artist who is painting. The theme of the painting is social where it shows a very casual time of a royal family’s life. 2- IT was a commissioned work by King Philip IV, the main point of the painting is the king’s daughter were she is encircled by the other characters, and the painter shows her clearly by using light colors where the rest of the painting is dark, and used space of the painting to draw the viewer’s eyes and make them to first look at her. The painter describes in his figure the true life style of the royal family and bound to make tiny distortions to create his idea of perfectly natural picture, this shows that the picture is naturalistic. 3- The type of the painting is an oil canvas. In the first plane the artist puts a canvas viewed from the backward and a big dog that represents how rich they are, because at that time only rich people used to raise dogs at their homes, also we can see two dwarfs beside the dog. As we look more closely, the painter placed the priest and the nun to show the importance of catholic religion at that time ( The young princess is surrounded by maids one of them is kneeling and offering her to drink from the cup, the other one standing next to her waiting to serve her, other than that she is wearing a white dress and the light is focused on her , this makes her the center of the painting. What makes the painting unique is that the artist is appearing in painting, according to that the viewer can recognize that the painter is drawing the reflection that he is seeing through the mirror, on the other side of debate, by portraying himself in the painting surrounded by the noble family he’s is showing importance of himself and his art. In the last plane the guard standing at the back door watching everything...
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