Lords of Strategy

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Table of Contents
  Title Page Copyright Page Dedication Preface Chapter 1. - Strategy as a Case to Be Cracked   Horsemen of the Corporate Apocalypse Toward a Greater Taylorism History of an Idea in Three Stages The Fiercening of Capitalism The Intellectualization of Business  

Chapter 2. - Bruce Henderson Defines the Subject   Early Wonderings The Mysteries of Market Segmentation How to Retail Business Ideas The Foundation Story


The Primordial Ooze from Which Strategy Emerged   Chapter 3. - The Experience Curve Delivers a Shock   How Your Costs Should Decline Black & Decker Uses the Tool

TI’s Ride Down the Curve Ends Badly   Chapter 4. - Loading the Matrix   Debt and Cash as Imperatives Only Connect One of the “Duller Things” Gives Rise to the Matrix Adding the Stars Pushing Back on the Division Heads The Rule of Three and Four   Chapter 5. - What Bill Bain Wanted  

The Classic Strategy Study Revealed Greater Taylorism Done Beautifully Looking for the Best Best Practices   Chapter 6. - Waking Up McKinsey  


What Are We Going to Do About Fred? Bringing Rocket Science to the Firm From the Tower of Babel to the Shores of Vevey Homage to Bruce Henderson   Chapter 7. - Michael Porter Encounters the Surreal  

What Harvard Had Instead of Strategy Where the Five Forces Came From Pushback Across the Charles Becoming an Unstoppable Force On to Revolutionizing HBS That Pesky Question About People   Chapter 8. - The Human Stain   The Origins of Excellence The Case Against Strategy The Mysterious Sources of Honda’s Strategy  

Chapter 9. - The Paradigm That Failed?  


The Myth That Readers Most Frequently Fall For   Chapter 10. - Struggling to Make Something Actually Happen   Flying Beyond the Seagull and Pushing Henderson Out What You Can Learn from Your Mother   Chapter 11. - Breaking the World into Finer Pieces   Finding the Limits of the Experience Curve

McKinsey Assembles to Disassemble Michael Porter Forges the Value Chain   Chapter 12. - The Wizards of Finance Disclose Strategy’s True Purpose   Making a Market in Corporate Control Prophets of Destruction Bain & Company Flies Too Close to the Sun Where’s the Money?   Chapter 13. - How Competencies Came to Be Core   Time as the Measure of All Things

The Imperative to Innovate, the Wisdom to Hold Fast Where Core Competencies Come From Reengineering Flashes and Crashes The Eclipse of Capabilities   Chapter 14. - The Revolution Conquers the World   McKinsey Exceeds Fred Gluck’s Expectations What BCG Learned in Europe The Golden Horde Taking Share of the Chief Executive Brain   Chapter 15. - Three Versions of Strategy as People


  The Lure of the Entrepreneurial Networks and the Need for New Ontology Wealth Creation on Steroids   Chapter 16. - And Where Was Strategy When the Global Financial System Collapsed?   Spreading the Obloquy Around A More Embarrassing Picture A Still Newer Breed of Business Intellectuals Consider the Alternative  

Coda: The Future of Strategy Notes


Acknowledgements Index About the Author


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The lords of strategy : the secret intellectual history of the new...
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