Topics: Drug addiction, New York City, Protagonist Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: July 17, 2012

Limitless is a film like no other. It uses modern use of technology to create the theme and scene in the film. Unlike other mystery films, ‘Limitless’ shows us a more modern mystery where drugs, chaos and supernatural combine into one making the movie an appealing to many people. Its unique scenario, twist and good acting qualities has made this a successful film. Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), an unemployed and unsuccessful writer has his life transformed when a top-secret drug makes him super intelligent and is able to recall anything that happened in his life. His life turns upside down; becoming more confident and successful. But when Eddie’s supply of pills runs out, he draws the attention to Carl Van Loon, one of the world’s most powerful and prominent businessmen. But when some dangerous characters discover Eddie’s secret and goes tracking him down for his supply of medicine, Eddie just needs to ensure that the side effects of the pills is long enough to run for his life. ‘Limitless’ is targeted to people over the age over 13 because the content involves drugs, violence including disturbing images, sexuality and coarse language. The main character Eddie Morra, played by Bradley Cooper uses his voice effectively in the film which creates more tension and interest. This makes his character unique as it creates an atmosphere in the film. The director has used many techniques to make the film one of a kind. When Eddie takes a pill, the camera zooms in simultaneously and then tracks out. The movie introduction shows the audience through the streets of New York City, making the audience feel like they are on a mountain, therefore foreshadowing that the drug use is across the city. The music in the film creates a lot a tension, having an upbeat music then calm. The overall techniques were superior and unique. The message conveyed in ‘limitless’ is drug use and how powerful it is. It shows how the brain can stimulate at a faster rate than...
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