Lesson Plan for P.E.

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Angela Woods
Example of an “A” Six Week PE Lesson Plan
Week 1
Name of Activity: First Aid Kit Health |
Purpose of Activity: The purpose of this activity is to have students practice using the contents in a first aid kit. Prerequisites: The students should know the name of the items in the box and how to use all content in the box, also where it should be kept. And be skilled in common first aid procedures. 115.2 Health Edu (b) (1) (A) Suggested Grade Level: 2

Materials Needed:
a. Lesson Plan
b. Labeled Index Cards
c. First Aid Dittos
d. Paper
e. First Aid Kit(s) f. Pencils
Description of Idea
This is a great activity that my kids loved after a solid review of what is in a First Aid Kit. Once your students have been introduced to these contents and understand their uses, have them apply their knowledge to real life situations with this activity. 1. Have students break into groups of 3-5.

2. I assigned students roles in their groups. (Time Keeper, Writer, Speaker, etc.) They all need to help discuss however. 2. Each group will receive an index card with a scenario on it. 3. Based on the scenario, students must decide which item(s) from their First Aid Kit they would use. They should write down the items they could use on the back of the note card. I have a spelling list on the board for younger grades. If supplies allow it, give each group a first aid kit so that they may simply grab the item for their scenario.

Example of a Scenario: One of your friends cuts their leg and it begins to bleed. You need to help them clean the wound. What do you need to use from the First Aid Kit? Answer: Rubber Gloves, Cleansing Pads, Gauze, Antibacterial Ointment, etc. 4. Have each group go through their list and discuss with the class why it’s important to have each certain item. How does it help both the helper and whoever is injured? Make sure that you stress the importance to always find an adult first before performing first aid. Assessment Ideas:

Perform assessment and evaluation throughout the entire lesson by having the students interact with thoughtful discussion based lecture and apply what they have learned by putting the index cards into the correct spots and answering why it’s important to know first aid safety. Tuesday

Name of Activity: Counting on Groceries |
Purpose of Activity: The purpose of the activity is for the students to comprehend concepts related to health promotion by moving in the gymnasium and learning about healthy food choices as well as doing a little basic math. Prerequisites: Counting to 6. Have some basic ideas of what good foods look like. Student will demonstrate healthy practice and behaviors to maintain or improve personal health. Suggested Grade Level: 2

Materials Needed: Enough foam dice so that each child has one Lots of plastic foods Two reusable shopping bags 4 green baskets (depending on how much "go food" you have) 2 red baskets (depending on how much "whoa food" you have) Description of Idea

Place on shopping bag with lots of food choices in it toward one end of the play space. Place the other shopping bag also with lots of food choices in it toward the other end of the play space. This allows for more movement and less traffic jams. Place the color baskets in the center of the play space. The green baskets represent the "Go Foods - healthy food choices" and the red baskets represent "Whoa Foods - foods we can only eat every once in a while". Each child will get 1 die. They will take the die to a self-space and roll the die one time. After rolling the die they need to count the spots. Each spot represents a piece of food they can get at the grocery store (shopping bags). Once they collect the correct amount of food from the bag to match the roll of the die they bring the food back to the baskets. Once at the baskets they sort the food into the green basket for go foods and red basket for whoa foods. After sorting the foods they go back to their die and roll...
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