Legal Factors in Sport

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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Legal Factors
A legal factor is when you can be prosecuted.
Statutory law:
If you break the statutory law it is a crime.
* A law passed by parliament. A new government can bring in new laws – this means that if there is a new government they have the rights to allow a law to pass or can turn down it, but it has to be decided through the parliament. * This involves the police, if the rule is broken – this is saying that if you break the legislation the police have the right to enter and do something about it. An example is when Steven Gerrard and his friends ganged up on a DJ because they wanted to play a tune and he didn’t listen, so they beat him up. The DJ then took Steven Gerrard and his friends to court. This lead to his friends going to jail, but Steven Gerrard got away because of his power. Civil laws:

The civil law is a private prosecutor and does not involve the police to take action. This law is to do nothing with the statutory law as they are separate. * Private prosecution which does not involve the police – this means that they can prosecute you without the police getting involved. * You can seek compensation for damages caused by others – this means that you can be prosecuted for damages you have done to them. * Someone not found guilty under statutory law have civil action taken against them – this shows that even if you are not guilty in statutory law, you can be guilty in civil law. An example is when Steven Gerrard didn’t get arrested, but the DJ got compensation on him because of all of the damage Steven and his friends did to him.

Case law:
* This is a law developed through decisions made by judges – this shows that anyone cannot decide only judges can. * This can become a precedent for later cases and can become binding on judges. An example is when two men Russell Jones & Walker acted behalf on a client who was injured by kicking and punching bag which had not been rolled regularly, as is required to...
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