Katherine Mansfield - “the Garden Party” and “Bliss”

Topics: Woman, Girl, Debut albums Pages: 1 (459 words) Published: June 30, 2012
In both of Katherine Mansfield’s stories, “The Garden Party” and “Bliss” we can find this “multiple personality” in the main characters. In the first one we have Laura, who is a young lady of a well-positioned family in an upper class neighborhood. The young woman’s world is presented almost like a fantasy; the description of the environment is filled up with “perfect beauty”. The girl is not like the other members of her family, she seems to reflect about the things she is doing and is affected by the non-immediate world around her. Laura is afflicted by her doubts, she is constantly struggling with her social aspirations and the materialism that surrounds her; she wants to embrace all her goods and privileges, but at the same time cannot ignore that there is much more in the world than wealth and money. She is trying to understand what the right thing to do is; she is afflicted by her doubts and cannot be indifferent to others like his family. The character truly realizes about this when she finds out that her working-class neighbor has died in a tragic event. The girl feels it is not right to celebrate a party when their neighbors are saying goodbye to a member of their family in such a sad way. Laura tries to convince their family to cancel the party, but they don’t take her seriously and even attack her, crushing her kind-hearted gesture. The character is trapped into this materialistic and indifferent world, while she is trying to determine how she should be living her life; the way she believes she should be living it or the way society expects her to live it? In the second story, “Bliss” we are presented with Bertha Young a woman in his thirties that has an overwhelming feeling of bliss and happiness at every occasion of her life. She considers that she is living a perfect life, a good husband, a kid, a good social status, everything anybody would want. But the truth is that she is living a fake life. She is an “immature” woman and has a cold relation...
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