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Topics: Personality disorder, Personality disorders, Borderline personality disorder Pages: 3 (806 words) Published: April 18, 2012
Katherine Beltres
Period 1 Mr. Martinez
Who am I this time?

Many renowned psychologists have created theories and opened flood gates of debate on the ever controversial topic of personalities. What is it? And where does it come from? Kurt Vonnegut The author of the short story who am I this time portrays his views on this subject through round characters which hold a symbolic role throughout the work. “I don’t want to be the ways I am…the only experiences I’ve had have been in crazy dreams of movie stars (Vonnegut 21. Helene Shaw who played the role of Stella symbolizes young women of the modern age, who are not contempt with their lives, And begin adapting to the life the wished they had. In this case Helene became Stella who falls in love with Marlon Brando who is played by Harry Nash. Her obsession to feel what love is has driven her to obtain a personality of which is not her own. In relation to the women of the modern times, societal views of beauty have caused many of them to drastically change their physical image to conform to the changing norms placed by society. “Has social media affected your personality” article posted December 21st 2010 by Jess Moore of USA today, states that “there’s no doubt that social media affects our personalities. Humans are social creatures. Our interactions determine our socialization, and our personality determines how we interact.” In other words we are affected by what we see which triggers our desires and in turn has us (humans) interrelating emotions and actions that are not of original decent. Whether conscious or sub conscience, many who have personality disorders will not realize that they do nor will the willingly accept that they nor the person they are mimicking or trying to obtain with their unrealistic personality has one either. “Once the shows over, says Lydia whatever you thought harry was just evaporates into thin air”. “I don’t believe it said Helene” (Vonnegut 25. Harry Nash is a character...
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