Jute Industry in India

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India's core competence is in garment sector, however increasing competition necessitates her to explore new arena and develop her competence there. Textile & garment industry is among the second highest employment provider in India after agriculture. It is the mother industry in India, like most of the industrialized nations, and given the present economic development, it has the potential to propel the economy at least for next few decades. With the ATC (Agreement on Textile & Clothing) agreement under WTO (World Trade Organization), the global textile industry is presenting enormous potential, at the same time challenges for nations. PICTURE TAKEN AT A STALL AT PRAGATI MAIDAN NEW DELHI

The jute industry should endeavor to play a pathfinder’s role to facilitate jute competitiveness in a global. There is a need for sustained research on the properties , performance and requirements of each type of product as well as on the specializations and in particular the possibility of attaining the desired specifications of the synthetic fibres. This would require an in depth study of attributes and jute and allied fibres, assessment of their potential and analyze the various attributes of man-made fibres which make them preferred for certain applications and then study how to impart these characteristics to the jute fibre whether by processing, agricultural practice, retting or treating methods or genetic improvement. Many researchers have been carried out before on jute industry as India is the largest producer of jute industry. Researchers have find out various problems regarding labour problem, technology and development. My research is based on jute industry of India and problems faced by the industry. Jute Technology Mission

The Government of India has started the "Jute Technology Mission" keeping in view the growing contribution of the industry to the economy. This will benefit jute growers, the workers engaged in the sector, jute entrepreneurs and others employed in related activities. It will play a vital role in modernizing the jute industry and help the country to reap the benefits of enhanced levels of jute diversification.

Jute Mills

Jute mills comprising the industry are located in West Bengal (the maximum number of mills is here), Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tripura and Chhattisgarh. India has around 78 jute mills and the eastern state of West Bengal alone has around 61 jute mills. The central government owns 6 jute mills, the state government 4, 2 jute mills are under cooperatives, and 64 jute mills are under private ownerships.

The overall objective is ‘to examine the problems of jute industry’. This has been broken into the following sub objectives: 1. To examine how Jute products are used in domestic area. 2. To identify attitudes and psychological myths about the jute products. 3. To determine promotional platforms that can be used to launch jute in the large scale industry. 4. How research has been done on jute industry?

5. How can review on literature help me in my research?

6. How many people use and prefer jute products?
7. What prices are charged?
8. What promotions are currently used?
9. What is the target audience?

* Research methodology

Type of research: Descriptive

Data collection:

Type of survey: Consumer survey and producer survey
To find out the problems of the supply and demand side. Population survey: 52 males and 52 female
Geographic area: hyderabad
Secondary data: websites,books,magazines.

Statistical tools used are percentage, bar graphs and pie charts.


| Jute BagsJute bags imprinted with designs can be used for promotion...
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