Junking the Junk Food

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Junk food Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: February 8, 2013
“Junking junk food” – Judith Warner
In this article the author is trying to show us how our country has become very unhealthy nation. Warner believes that to end the obesity in the country the government needs to be involved. They should make healthy food more appealing while making the junk food less appealing. There are a lot of people whom are worrying and trying to change the way majority of American people eat. Because almost 40% of American people are fat, and that because the way they eat. Lot of politicians are trying to send their message to the public and trying to make them realize that fast food is bad for them and eating healthy is good. Personally I don’t think that government can force somebody to change the way they eat. The only way or the only solution is changing our culture, because most of the people think eating burgers and fries everyday is normal, that’s their culture. But the day that we change that thinking and the day that we start thinking that eating healthy (fruits, vegetables) everyday is a normal, than we are going to have a different culture, and totally different America. 400 - Warner identifies how politician Sarah Palin recently made an appearance in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with cookies to pass out to the kids of the local schools and how unnecessary the act was. Criticizing Palin's actions, Warner continues on her point of how children are not deprived of these "treats" that some believe to be needed and how these foods and lack of nutrition need to be changed not encouraged. 401- Warner also mentions here how Glenn Beck mocked the governmentand led to government health inspectors shutting down a7-year olds lemonade stand. Government can’t regulate what the American people eatand don’t eat. Because there are lot of educated people and know the consequences of eating too much fatty foods. She also refers to Michelle Obama’s campaign to fight childhood obesity. She wants to change our culture educating peoples to eat...
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