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Topics: 2003 invasion of Iraq, United States, Iraq War Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: March 10, 2013
The article I choose was Why Most Rational People Must Disapprove of the Invasion of Iraq. This article relates to the golden rule theory and talks about how the U.S. was in the wrong for invading Iraq when they did. It also talks about the just war theory where it is said that you are justified to act upon war if a country or allies has suffered military attack or is about to suffer a military attack. The U.S. was not in an immediate threat from Iraq so we had no reason to send troops in we can argue that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction. However, as the article says that them having WMDs has been refuted by the best evidence. So then we talk about the golden rule, when using the golden rule we are saying that the US attacking another country that did nothing to them. Then you could say it is okay for another country attacking the U.S. for no particular reason. The article says that if you would have thought it to be morally permissible for the US to preventatively attack a country then it would be ok for another country to attack the U.S.

I thought this article was a good component to explain how the golden rule works even though it talks about war it provides good reasoning that the golden rule is important. It also was not really thought about when we decided to attack Iraq because they really did not at all indicate any kind of hints that they would attack the US. If we went by the golden rule then we probably would not have attacked them because no one wants to be attacked without doing anything. That’s where the golden rule comes to play do on to others as one would want done to you.
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