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CASE -1 (20 Marks)

Joan, an employee of Great American Market, was warned about her excessive absenteeism several times, both verbally and in writing. The written warning included notice that "further violations will result in disciplinary actions," including suspension or discharge.

A short time after the written warning was issued, Joan called work to say she was not going to be in because her babysitter had called in sick and she had to stay home and care for her young child. Joan's supervisor, Sylvia, told her that she had already exceeded the allowed number of absences and warned that if she did not report to work, she could be suspended. When Joan did not report for her shift, Sylvia suspended her for fifteen days.

In a subsequent hearing, Joan argued that it was not her fault that the babysitter had canceled, and protested that she had no other choice but to stay home. Sylvia pointed out that Joan had not made a good faith effort to find an alternate babysitter, nor had she tried to swap shifts with a co-worker. Furthermore, Sylvia said that the lack of a babysitter was not a justifiable excuse for being absent.

1. Was the suspension fair?
2. Did Joan act responsibly?
3. Should she be fired?

Ans: 1. Joan being the employee of Great Indian market was already been warned about her excessive absenteeism several times both verbally and in writing. According to Joan’s latest excuse it is pretty fair to suspend the employee. Joan’s excuse on babysitter, as Sylvia’s logic it is correct that Joan could have tried for another babysitter swapping the shift with her co-worker.

2. Joan would have swapped her shift with co-worker to buy time to find the babysitter. Since Joan has been warned verbally and in writing she should avoid such instances to happen again. In this scenario both players has to watch out ethics before taking on decisions. Since on corporate grounds it is important to prove themselves what they are capable of to excel so they don’t create an negative impression on themselves.

3. Joan can be fired since there are enough evidences / instances similar and as per the corporate policies she can be fired or can only be suspended as final warning.


We all know that people engage in business to earn profit. However, profit making is not the sole function of business. It performs a number of social functions, as it is a part of the society. It takes care of those who are instrumental in securing its existence and survival like- the owners, investors, employees, consumers and government in particular and the society and community in general. So, every business must contribute in some way or the other for their benefit. For example, every business must ensure a satisfactory rate of return to investors, provide good salary, security and proper working condition to its employees, make available quality products at reasonable price to its consumers, maintain the environment properly etc.

However, while doing so two things need to be noted to view it as social responsibility of business. First, any such activity is not charity. It means that if any business donates some amount of money to any hospital or temple or school and college etc., it is not to be considered as discharge of social responsibility because charity does not imply fulfilling responsibility. Secondly, any such activity should not be such that it is good for somebody and bad for others. Suppose a businessman makes a lot of money by smuggling or by cheating customers, and then runs a hospital to treat poor patients at low prices his actions cannot be socially justified. Social responsibility implies that a businessman should not do anything harmful to the society in course of his business activities.

The obligation of any business to protect and...
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