Job Analysis Procedure

Topics: Interview, Job analysis, Subject matter expert Pages: 2 (271 words) Published: April 23, 2013
1. Develop preliminary job information
a. Review existing documents
b. Prepare a preliminary list of duties
c. Make note of major items that are unclear

2. Conduct interviews
a. It is recommended that the first interview be conducted with someone who can provide an overview of the job and how the major duties fit together b. The interviewers are considered subject matter experts c. The job incumbent to be interviewed should represent the typical employee who is knowledgeable about the job d. The interviewees should be selected with the view toward obtaining an appropriate race/sex mix

3. Consolidate job information
a. The consolidated phase of the job study the involves piecing together the data obtained from several sources into one coherent and comprehensive job description b. A subject matter expert should be accessible as a resource person to the job analyst c. Check for initial preliminary lists of duties and questions. All must be answered or confirmed

4. Verify job description
a. The verification phase involves bringing all the interviewees together b. The verification process is conducted in a group setting c. Line by line, the job analyst goes through the entire job description and makes notes of any omissions, ambiguities, or needed clarifications

JOB CONTENT refers to the activities required of the job.
One widely used method, FUNCTIONAL JOB ANALYSIS (FJA), described jobs in terms of:

1. What the worker does in relation to data, people, and jobs. 2. What methods and techniques the worker uses
3. What machines, tools, and equipment the worker uses
4. What materials, products, subject matter, or services the worker produce
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