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J2EE Platform

Java is one of the most mature and commonly used programming languages for building enterprise software. Over years java has evolved into three different platform editions namely:

The Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE): Most commonly used platform, consisting of a run time environment and a set of APIs for building a wide range of applications that run various platforms and client applications for various enterprise applications.

The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE): J2EE is a platform for building server-side applications. It is an industry standard for developing and deploying the enterprise application. It was introduced in 1998 and released in 1990 dec.

The Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME): J2ME, the latest edition enables building java application for micro devices such as mobile, set of boxes etc.

Programming for the Enterprise:

Java, which came in 1995, has an independent feature containing OOPS Concept which is useful in interacting with data application. It has replaced several proprietary and non-standard technologies as the preferred choice for building e-commerce and other web based enterprise applications. Today, J2EE is one of the two available alternatives for building e-commerce applications-the other being Microsoft’s Window and .Net based technologies.

Enterprise Today:

An enterprise means a business organisation, and enterprise applications are those software applications that facilitate various activities in an enterprise.

Building applications for the enterprise has always been challenging. Some factors that contribute to this challenge and complexity are:

Diversity of information needs: In an enterprise, information is created and consumed by various users in number of different forms, depending on specific needs. It is very common to find that each business activity may process the same information in different forms.

Complexity of business processes: Most of the enterprise business processes involve complex information capture, processing and sharing. This leads to complex technical and architectural requirements for building enterprise applications.

Diversity of applications: Due to the complex nature of enterprise business processes, it is common to find that an enterprise consists of a large number of application each built at various times to fulfill different needs of various business process.

Over years, these challenges have taken monstrous shapes. In order to maintain a competitive edge, the adoptions of new technologies are gaining more importance. Some basic requirements to be met by any developers are:

• Programming productivity-Ability to develop and deploy applications

• Reliability-Ability to withstand/maintain the market at the time of release.

• Security-Make it impossible for hackers.

• Scalability-Ability to accommodate current changes in project.

• Integration-Ability to accommodate new features.

Enterprise Architecture Styles:

These architectural styles are quite common in today’s enterprises. The Systems are generally data-driven with the server most of the times being a database server, and the client being a graphical user interface to operate on the data. There are various types of architecture styles.

Tier is an application which is handled row by row or column by column.

(i)Two-Tier Architecture:

In traditional two tier application, the processing load is given to the client Pc, whereas the server acts only as a traffic controller between the application and data. When the entire application is processed on a PC, the application is forced to make multiple requests for data, thereby heavily tax the network.


The advantage of the two-tier design is its simplicity.



• Client send request to server to clear the traffic and most of the time is wasted in request-response...
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