Jane Eyre Dialectical Journal

Topics: Jane Eyre, The Reader, Governess Pages: 6 (1112 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Summer Reading Assignment: Dialectical Journal

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

|NOTE TAKING (QUOTES) |Pg. No. |NOTE MAKING (RESPONSES) | |“This room was chill, because it seldom had a fire; it has |10 |The red room is significant to Jane, because it admonishes her| |silent, because remote from the nursery and kitchens; solemn | |uncle’s passing. | |entered.” | |Using syntax Brontë has developed a gothic/dark presence, not | | | |only because a 10 year old resides in the room, but the | | | |diction she uses to set the mood does the scene justice. The | | | |diction used that depicts the room as being “chill” rather | | | |than the usual phrasing “cold,” and the room was “silent” with| | | |a burning fire gives off a rather dark-suspenseful, yet page | | | |turning beginning. The fire refers to warmth, safety, and | | | |security. This description nonetheless provides readers with | | | |recognizable evidence of the imprisonment Jane was in. Mrs. | | | |Reed placed her in a seldom visited room. It was as if her | | | |existence was deceased amongst Mrs. Reed’s mind. It is as if | | | |she is in the presence of Mr. Reed’s ghost. | | | |I can imagine her sitting staring at walls while her mind | | | |reminisced on the location of his death in the room and how he| | | |died. Brontë bravely uses this diction to draw her readers in | | | |and to address that the red door and fire have a much deeper | | | |connotation. | |“Yes, I dote on Miss Georgiana.” |23 |-This annoys me because Mrs. Reed’s children manifest in their| | | |riches and will continue to selfishly manifest in their own | | | |self-indulgence, while Jane is the kind child who is abused | | | |and neglected. I wonder if Mrs. Reed is prejudice against | | | |Jane, because she was loved more by her late husband than she | | | |was by him. Hmmm…I wonder why Miss Georgiana is so beautiful | | | |yet so mean-spirited. Maybe because she has gotten used to the|...
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