It250 Exam Review

Topics: File system, Working directory, Linus Torvalds Pages: 2 (856 words) Published: May 17, 2012
amIT250- Linux Operating Sytem
1. (Page 1)Who developed Linux? Linus Torvalds , What year was it released? September 1991 2. (Page 232)Sends info from one point to another point? > 3. (Page 243)Matches any single character in the name of an existing file? ? 4. (Page 14-15)Component of X Windows that will allow you to customize the user interface? Window Manager 5. (Page 34)Where are programs and data temporarily stored when there is not enough RAM to hold all the information it is processing? Swap file 6. (Page 38)Logical Volume Manager(know what this is used for)Allows you to change the size of logical volumes (partitions) 7. (Page 888)What is the common C Compiler for Linux? GNU gcc 8. (Page 31)pwd…tells you where you are. To move to root…cd / ( / is root) 9. (Page 27)Does Fedora support these? I386, X86_64, ppc? Yes 10. (Page 396)Be able to describe Konqueror. An all purpose file manager and web browser 11. (Page 113)In Windows it’s known as shortcuts, in Linux its known as Launchers. 12. Default menus of GNOME? Applications, Places, System. 13. (Page 8)Do applets have an okay button? No all settings take place as soon as you select them 14. By default, GNOME turns on shading? FALSE

15. (Page 258)How do you start X Windows? Startx (no space) 16. (Page 241)Moving a job from foreground to background, know what the PID is. Process Identification Number Identifies command running in the background/ larger number assigned by OS. 17. (Page 911)Identify the multi branch decision mechanism. Case 18. (Page 520)What are the two traditional printing systems provided with Linux? BSD-LPD and system V- LPR 19. (Page 605)Is there more than one way to configure a NIC? Yes. nm-connection-editor, system-config-network, or iwconfig. 20. (Page 598)What is the kudzu utility? Detects and configures new hardware and gives RHEL system the info it needs about the NIC. 21. (Page...
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