It 282 - Week 2 Checkpoint (Response Only - No Screenshots)

Topics: Operating system, Windows XP, Graphical user interface Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Week 2: Checkpoint
IT 282

In this lab I learned how to install Windows 7 operating system. It began by bringing me to the main installation page where I was able to select my language, time and currency format, and keyboard or input method. I chose the defaults which were English and US. I then was shown a screen that had a button labeled "Install Now" which I proceeded to click. The next page was the license terms where I read the terms that I was able to see. Once I read and accepted the terms I selected the checkbox next to the phrase "I accept the license terms." The next page I saw was a page that allowed me to choose to either upgrade my operating system or go to custom (advanced) settings. I chose the custom (advanced) settings since I was to make a second partition for this operating system. On the next page I selected the "Drive options (advanced)" button and then selected "New." I then entered 16384 for the MB size of the new partition. On the next page I saw the progress of my installation followed by a warning that my computer was going to restart. I then saw a few brief pages that were preparing my computer before I came to a page where I was able to customize my computer. After creating a computer name and a user name I was then able to create a password to protect my computer. Windows requires a product key after so many days in order to activate the operating system. Without this product key, after the trial period you will be locked out of your computer until you register it. Since I didn't have the product key at the time I chose the checkbox next to the phrase "Automatically activate Windows when I'm online." I was then able to choose to have the "Recommended settings" which I did. On the following page I was able to choose my time zone and make sure the clock and calendar were correct. The last page I was able to choose if I was using my computer on a home network, on a work network, or on a public network. I chose the home network and I...
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