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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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1. How does effective data resource management contribute to the strategic goals of an organization? Provide examples. Data Resource Management refers to the development and maintenance of data models to facilitate data sharing between different systems particularly in a corporate context. DRM is concerned with both data quality and compatibility between data models. The data resource management can contribute to the strategic goals of an organization in various ways, for example, it is responsible for ensuring the quality of data and that in turn directly affects the efficiency and profitability of the organization. The cost of operations can be manifold for locating the missing data and solve data-related issues. The data resource management also helps in maintaining the enterprise data model of a company. The maintenance and integration of corporate data through DRMO results in charting out the future policy of operations within a company with ease. DRMO helps in maintaining technical infrastructure of a company through Information technology planning, maintaining an inventory of information resources and reducing data and system duplication. With the help of DRMO a company can effectively manage its data from a single location in a timely, accurate and efficient manner, and that in turns helps in keeping the cost of operations low. The DRMO helps a company in keeping the record and history of customers in a better way and that result in better service and higher level of satisfaction. By having the DRMO as single source of information on the corporate data model, management can quickly receive answers to information questions and see where information weaknesses exist. Then, through a process of assessing and correcting information weaknesses, the organization can gain knowledge and power. That power can be put to use in creating solid, information-backed, strategic plans that enable the organization to gain a competitive advantage

3. How can companies...
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