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Latin America Social Science Perspectives
ISS 330C, sect. 001 / Spring 2013 / 4 credits / M,W 10:20 AM - 12:10 PM  B119 Wells Hall Current syllabus is v130107 v130107 changes: •added due dates for the 4 online reflection essays •added information about when you can expect the “Weekly bucket” assignments to be available •clarified that while in class exams are open book, open notes, these must be on paper - no electronic devices may be consulted during the exam v130205 changes: •under Week 5, the reading assignment is now Chasteen chapters 5 & 6 (I added ch 5) •the description of topics covered for Week 6 is now “Week 6: Progress & Neocolonialism (February 11, 13)” (I added the word Progress to that title)

Adán Quan Department of Anthropology, 336 Baker Hall Office Hours: Mondays 12:30-2:30

Teaching Assistant
Linda Gordon, M.S., M.A. Department of Anthropology, 406 Baker Hall Office Hours: Wednesdays 12:30pm-2:30pm

Course Description and Objectives
Latin America conjures a wide range of images: drugs, beaches, Che Guevara, Inca ruins, Latinos in the USA, and modern cities. These images convey some truth but fail to represent the complexity of this region. This course introduces students to some of the complex realities of Latin America from an interdisciplinary, social science perspective. No previous background is

ISS 330C Spring 2013 (syllabus version 130205)!


required, though you must have completed a 200 level ISS course, and previous social science coursework and knowledge of Latin America can be helpful. This semester we will cover such topics as: • patterns of social inequality and poverty in Latin America • historical roots of Latin American societies • U.S.-Latin America relations, including trade, U.S. influence in Latin America, and

Latinos in the U.S.
• movements for social and political change • changing patterns of economic development • impacts of neoliberal policies and globalization • politics, democratization and human righ4

The class will explore various perspectives towards these issues. You do not have to agree with but are expected to understand all materials presented in class and readings. As we study these topics, we emphasize that: • we cannot understand Latin America in isolation from the rest of the world; • any one social science perspective by itself provides only a fragmentary understanding of

the region; • our understanding of Latin America is shaped by our own social issues, cultural perspectives, and relationship to that continent; • there is both unity and diversity in Latin America; • Latin America is a dynamic and rapidly changing region, yet many current conditions

have deep historical roots which are important to understand

The key learning goal of this course is for you to be able to apply basic social science perspectives and data in order to critically assess information and experiences related to Latin America, and to use this knowledge to critically assess social issues elsewhere. This in turn requires: • Basic knowledge and comprehension of geography, history, key issues, facts, and current

events in Latin America

ISS 330C Spring 2013 (syllabus version 130107)!


• Ability to critically apply basic social science thinking tools and critically use diverse

information sources to assess information, issues, or experiences related to Latin America • Use information and skills above to meet broader MSU and ISS objectives related to this

course, in particular as it relates to increasing your global competence: • Assist students in distinguishing their personal assumptions and beliefs from conclusions based upon critical thought and the analytical exploration of human behavioral patterns and trends. • Expand students' social intelligence: the ability to frame individual lives in relationship to larger historical and social forces • Provide multicultural, international and national perspectives...
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