Introduction to Evernote

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Hello and welcome to Simplify your digital life with evernote. Before we begin, I want to share a short youtube video that sums up what evernote does Based on what the video showed, evernote is more than just a digital notebook: Take notes

Store documents and web clippings
Capture images
Record audio
Access evernote everywhere
You can access it on any web browser
Install it on a pc or mac
Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets
Notes and notebooks can be synced across all of these devices A simple visual analogy about notes: evernote would be your city and within the city are homes. These homes would be your notes. A word about notes: Each note can store up to 25mb of data – you can have up to 100,000 notes You can have up to 250 synchronized notebooks. There is no limit to how many notebooks you can have on your local computer (these are unsynchronized notebooks) In essence, you could store all of your notes into one notebook, or group your notes in notebooks that would make sense to you. So in this image the notebook would be your neighborhood. Another term not pictured here is called a “stack”

A stack is simply a collection of notebooks
An example of a stack would be: Naming your stack “English 100 – Fall semester” and within that stack would be notebooks with your students name or whatever you use to identify the student Tags: are attributes that you can apply any individual note. You can then view all notes with a specific tag, regardless of which notebook its in. For example, you search for words or phrases that have essay on social networking. Notes that have these words or phrases will be filtered into your results. Here is another analogy: think of evernote as a file cabinet. The files are your notes, the folder that hold the files would be your notebook, and the drawer that holds the folder is the stack. Lets get started
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