Increasing Issue of Texting and Driving

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Juan Martinez

Problem Exist
* Although cell phones can help to maximize time usage for business owners, texting while driving is detrimental, the government should pass a law to limit their usage and protect people on the road. The cause of accidents

* The majority of the population owns a cellphone which they make use of in their daily lives. * Elizabeth Wasserman, member of CQ staff, in her article “Lawmakers Target a Modern Danger” asserts that although there are many distractions, when using a mobile device the odds of an accident become 23 times greater. (Elizabeth Wasserman, May 17, 2010 “Lawmakers Target a Modern Danger”) * In the beginning, bans were set for the teen population but as technological advances improved so did older generations joined them. * As of 2010 statistics from Pew research showed a 27% of American parents that text while driving. (“Adults and Cell Phone Distractions”by Mary Madden, Lee Rainie, Jun 18, 2010) * Distraction is the word that can tie all road accidents, looking to your phone takes at least 5 seconds of attention. (Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, Blacksburg, Va., July 29, 2009) * Although 5 seconds might seem as little time at 55mph it is the same as traveling a whole football field without looking at the road. (Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, Blacksburg, Va., July 29, 2009) * The problem is that many feel confident that they can multitask and use their time more efficiently, however, they aren’t aware of the consequences of their conviction.

Existing Methods and Laws are not working or will not work
* The consequences are a 23% account in car crashes, in 2011 these sum up to 1.3 million of crashes. (DWI: Driving while intexticated – Infographic Kristin Marino •  Jun 22, 2012) * Thirty nine States, D.C., and Guam have prohibit novice drivers to text while driving. ( accessed Tuesday, March 19, 2013) * NHTSA distraction-affected crashes rose to...
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