In Nomine Matris

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In Nomine Matris
In Nomine Matris (In the Name of the Mother) is visually stunning, compelling work of art with powerhouse performances from its entire cast. It is a film that women can relate to, whether you’re a mother, daughter, performer etc. It is inspired by true events in the lives of real Flamenco performers. It is quite too long but the flow of the story is very interesting. In essence is a story about love and sacrifices, about motherhood, it's more than flamengo dance, music and song. It's about the burning passion & being loyal to it. The body movement, facial expression and the stomp of the feet are so professional. Liza Diño as Mara has really thrown everything into her role that this could be considered her finest performance to date. She discovers the passionate dance form of Flamenco-Filipiniana as an expression of her inner desires. Her desire to be the best principal dancer of a dance company, in pursuit of greater things versus the reality of her conditions as a daughter, friend, and lover are viewed externally by the drama that unfolds in the movie and internally by the dance movements expressed in all dance sequences but was soon immersed on a dilemma of the sacrifices she needs to make to achieve her dreams until the life of her baby got compromised. She will be accompanied by her mentor Mercedes (Clara Ramona) and mother Ava (Tami Monsod) as she embarked on a journey that will test her principles in life. Other cast of the film also did good as well. I was lucky to meet some cast of this film like Ms. Liza Diño, Tami Monsod and Clara Ramona after we watched the film. We also take a picture with them as a remembrance and also a proof that we watched the film.
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