Golondrina: Why Did You Leave Me?

Topics: Marriage, Woman, Wife Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: October 29, 2012
“Golondrina, Why did you leave me”
The Golondrina is a theme that relates the life that most of the Mexican women were passing during the revolution times. Most of the men were hardworking and powerful men. Most of them though that women were part of them as a possession not as beloved marriage. The Golondrina is a dramatic novel that relates the story of Amada Garcia. She is a young Mexican woman that suffers a lot from a horrible marriage. She got married very young and she nick name his husband as “sapo”. Sapo was a hard working men that most of the time that he past with his wife were the worst time for her. He hit her and tells her a lot of bad things. Amada was very innocent and most of her thoughts were stories that were represented by Salome. Amada was very tired of the situation she was passing with her husband. She decides to move to the north seeking for love, witch she believe must reside in the country of freedom. Nevertheless, she felt in love with a man who took her to the border of Texas. The name of his beloved was Lazaro Mistral. He was a gentleman and a very hardworking man. He knew a lot of English and Amada was amazed of how good he was with her. He went to Texas searching for what belongs to him. He related that the King Ranch took his territory and he wanted to recuperate it. At the end the life of Amada was very tough. She finished working at lulu’s café. There her main activities were involved with cleaning supplies. Most of the time, she was cleaning the floor with pine soul and disinfecting the toilets with bleach. She married Lazaro Madrigal. As the time pass and the things did not were happy. She says that God punish her because she did not want to be alone. Lazaro was the sin and their life was not quite as well. The life that they gave to their children was not very fine. Amada ask for forgiveness to God and she knew that her experiences were bad and she was able to realize the bad things she has done. Salome is the daughter of...
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