Importance of Technology

Topics: Text messaging, SMS, Mobile phone Pages: 4 (1080 words) Published: March 24, 2013
My transcripts

• Transcript 1= luv u 4 ever :)
• Transcript 2= u r 2 sweet 2 b 4got10 can u cum c me face2face • Transcript 3= I h8 u!!!
• Transcript 4= Jake ur bag is pukka
• Transcript 5=iv been chatin with my penpal all day
• Transcript 6= how ya doin!
• Transcript 7=Jake-“r ur headphones good”
Demal-“yh their awesome FYI they where only $5.99

Ali Nasir10BMR.Wotson

• One of the forms of multimodal talk is texting
• Texting has captivated a whole generation of young people • Texting has become universal, it is practiced all over the world • Texting is done from mobile to mobile, by sending the text to the mobile number. • It can also be sent to many at the same time

• Texting is thought to be mostly used by the young people and teenagers • The older generations feel that texting has taken the ability of writing and correct spelling to zero, they deplore what texting has done to the English language • Texting is also done as a means of advertising

• Large companies text to anyone they can
• Doctor surgeries and even schools like the one I study at also use texting to inform patients and parents relative information. • The language of texting has advanced so much since it had started • There are so many ways to text to each other

Paragraph 1
• People have found innovative ways of texting with using rebus abbreviation, this is where a name or a word is represented by a picture or pictures suggesting its syllables • They are like puzzles

• Punctuation marks and brackets are used to show emotions. We can see this in transcript 1. :) seen upright they mean nothing but look at them sideways and it is a smiling face • Other symbols and numbers are used like &, @, 4, 8.

Paragraph 2
• The use of abbreviated and shortened forms of words saves time in texting and also shortens texts to keep mobile bills at a minimum,...
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