Hydraulic Fluid

Topics: Fluid dynamics, Liquid, Speed of sound Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Citation: Karjalainen, J., Karjalainen, R., & Huhtala, K. (2012). MEASURING AND MODELLING HYDRAULIC FLUID DYNAMICS AT HIGH PRESSURE - ACCURATE AND SIMPLE APPROACH. International Journal Of Fluid Power, 13(2), 51-59.

ASTRACT: Dynamic properties of hydraulic fluids have to be taken into account in ever increasing fluid power applications. The main reasons are increasing accuracy demands in control and modeling, as well as increasing operating pressure and temperature ranges. Moreover, the already wide spectrum of different hydraulic fluids is also expanding all the time. However, information on dynamic hydraulic fluid behavior is still very difficult to be obtained. On the other hand, existing fluid models tend to be either too inaccurate, or at least highly non-generic for most practical applications. This article introduces simple, yet accurate approaches for measuring and predicting the most important dynamic fluid parameters: bulk modulus, density and speed of sound in fluid. The methods are basically applicable to any standard hydraulic fluid, without any extra system-related constraints, at least at the presented conditions. The studied pressure range reaches 1500 bar, and the temperatures cover a normal operating range of industrial applications. Examples of both measured and predicted results for selected commercial hydraulic fluids are given. The results have also been found to be in excellent agreement with existing reference data. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

SUMMARY: when hydraulic fluids need to increase the power that in being applied, the Dynamic properties must be checked. Increasing demand for accuracy through control, and modeling are the main reasons for the Dynamic properties being retaken. Even thou there are many types of hydraulic fluids, the information on dynamic hydraulic fluid characteristics is hard to obtain. It’s important to find out this information because the other types of hydraulic fluids are inaccurate and non-generic. The...
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