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Topics: National Labor Relations Act, Pension, Unfair labor practice Pages: 15 (2071 words) Published: October 8, 2012
1. The piecework system is more likely to succeed when all of the following are true except:

a. units of output can be easily measured.
b. the quality of the product is critical.
c. the job is fairly standardized.
d. a constant flow of work can be maintained.

Answer: __b___

2. States are permitted to enact legislation prohibiting compulsory union membership as a condition of employment under:

a. Wagner Act
b. Railway Labor Act
c. Taft-Hartley Act
d. Landrum-Griffin Act

Answer: __c___

3. The requirements for federal contractors to take steps to ensure a drug-free workplace is found in:

a. the Occupational Safety and Health Act.
b. the Drug-Free Workplace Act.
c. Executive Order 11246.
d. the Toxic Substances Control Act.

Answer: ___b__

4. The :

a. self-selection
b. assess core skills
c. assess augmented skills
d. create candidate pool

Answer: ___a__

5. _____ may create problems for managers who wish to maintain pay secrecy among employees.

a. NASDAQ information
b. Internet salary survey data
c. FLSA requirements
d. Davis-Bacon standards

Answer: __b___

6. A set of standards of acceptable conduct and moral judgments is known as:

a. morals.
b. ethics.
c. rules.
d. legislation.

Answer: __b___

7. The U.S. net national savings rate currently is:

a. less than one percent of GDP
b. between one and three percent of GDP
c. between three and five percent of GDP
d. between five and seven percent of GDP

Answer: __c___

8. Which of the following is an example of a nonfinancial compensation:

a. bonuses
b. commissions
c. health insurance
d. employee recognition programs

Answer: __d___

9. The Global-Time Company wants to discipline an employee for his off-duty drug use. The company must:

a. obtain a court order showing employee guilt.
b. secure the employee's consent.
c. establish a clear connection between the drug use and its negative effect on the company. d. wait until the employee is caught using drugs and formally charge the individual with the offense.

Answer: __a___

10. The decision on whether or not a pension plan should be offered is the responsibility of the:

a. union and Department of Labor representatives.
b. employees in consultation with the employer.
c. employer.
d. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

Answer: __c___

11. Prior to their merger in 1955, the AFL represented primarily _____ unions, whereas the CIO generally represented _____ unions.

a. craft; mixed
b. industrial; mixed
c. industrial; craft
d. craft; industrial

Answer: __b___

12. If GM transferred Karl Hammer, a native German, away from his assignment in Bonn to a new assignment in Paris, Karl would then be considered a:

a. home-country national.
b. host-country national.
c. third-country national.
d. home-host-country national.

Answer: __c___

13. All of the following are common causes of workplace stress except:

a. excessive job pressures.
b. high workloads.
c. disagreements with managers.
d. empowerment.

Answer: __d___

14. Incentive systems are effective when:

a. performance standards are not clearly defined, causing employees to perform a more thorough job. b. employees view the incentives as a sure thing.
c. managers base incentives on differences in performance.
d. the costs associated with the plan are easily determined.

Answer: __c___

15. Bob Jones has just been permanently laid off from his present position. His company, ACME Manufacturing, has issued Bob a check that represents one month's pay for every year Bob worked at ACME. This check is Bob's:

a. unused vacation pay.
b. unused holiday pay.
c. severance pay.
d. unused sick leave.

Answer: __c___

16. Which of the following questions would be the most important to ask if you were concerned about maximizing your...
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