Human Geo Notes

Topics: City, Suburb, Developing country Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: April 15, 2013
1. Site – absolute location described by landform/physical characteristics. Situation – relative location based on characteristics of regional/spatial system it is a part of.

2. Multiplier Effect – city’s employment and population grow w/the addition of nonbasic workers and dependents as a supplement to now basic employment.

3. Urban Hierarchy – ranking of cities based on size and functional complexity. 3 different ranks of retail – local (Dashes, Goodrich Coffee), area (Tim Horton’s, Mighty Taco), and national (LA Fitness, Target, Wegmans, Walgreens, etc).

4. Concentric Circle – describes urban community as a set of nested rings of mostly residential diversity at increasing distances in all directions from CBD fringe. Sector – high rent residential areas are dominant in city expansion and grow outward from the city center along major transportation routes (streetcar, elevated railroad, suburban commuter routes). As city grows, high income groups move to new homes on outside of center, middle class clusters around the rich, and poor at districts adjacent to areas of industry and associated transportation (freight railroads). Multiple-Nuclei – large cities developed by peripheral spread from several nodes of growth; retail district needs accessibility, port needs waterfront site, industry needs rails.

5. Effecting residential choices of households – Social status – low social status = low value homes, increase in # of people per room. High Income – expensive rental apartments, or large houses. Family status – as distance from city center increases, average age decreases, & family size increases. Young families move farther from center, singles to center, elders migrate out to suburbs. Ethnicity – some were forced to segregate (blacks); others tend to voluntarily group together (Chinatown, Little Italy).

6.Suburbanization has damaged the economic base and the financial stability of the United States central city because...
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