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Topics: Comedy, Humour, Narratology Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: March 17, 2013
The Loaded Dog
� Entertains with the dog chasing the men and blowing up the other dog and it informs with the idea of the importance of mateship in the bush. Plot:
� A group of men (Dave, Jim and Andy) are camping and use cartridges to blow up ground searching for gold. They get sick of fishing the normal way, so they decide to blow up the fish in the waterhole. When the cartridge is built, the dog steals it and accidentally lights it. Tommy (the dog) chases the men with it, and in the end blows up this other yellow dog that nobody likes. Themes:

� Human interaction with the environment and associated consequences of manipulating it.. � Human and dog relationship, importance of mateship in the bush. No discrimination amongst characters; dog is an important friend. Narrative Structure:

� Orientation: The three men are camping on a riverbank searching for gold. They invent a way of using blasting powder to catch fish since the conventional way is ineffective. � Complication: Tommy lights the fuse in the fire and chases the men. � Middle: The tale is crafted to describe the humorous details of Tommy chasing the men who desperately try to avoid him. Tommy eventually has a whole town running from him, while he is enjoying all the excitement and attention. � Climax: Tommy is confronted by a �vicious yellow mongrel cattle-dog� who chases Tommy and steals the cartridge from him. � Resolution: The yellow dog is blown up and other pack dogs suffer burns. The Bushmen laugh in hysterics. Dave apologises but it is remembered for years afterward. Characterisation:

� The main character is Tommy the dog.
� �He seemed to take life, the world, his two-legged mates, and his own instinct as a huge joke.� � Tommy is described as having �a red, idiotic slobbering grin of appreciation of his own silliness.� He is fun loving and a great retriever. The trio loves him and he is loyal to them too. � When chasing townsfolk he is...
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