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Topics: Employment, Culture, Wage Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: December 2, 2012
1. Which laws/ regulations are important for an international employee? The same regulations which are valid for national employees are also justified for the international employees. Only international employees need to have a working permit. And for the international employees also applies a compulsory identification. This means that the international employees always should be able to identify themselves during working time.

2. Which laws/ regulations are important for a national employee? Regulations about:
* Employment contract (like definitely or indefinitely time, duration, amount of working hours required per week, promotion conditions) * Payment (think about: hourly wage, taxation, holiday pay and salary increase) * Length of trial period and term of notice. And termination of employment * Working conditions (like safety regulations, absence through illness regulations, rules about breaks and overtime work, hygiene requirements and working clothes. * Benefits like discounts.

3. What is a working permit?
A working permit allows somebody to perform a job in a foreign country. The conditions to get a working permit differs per country or continent. International students need a working permit if they want to find a job in Leeuwarden. Hiring staff without a working permit can cause high financial penalty’s when a company is being inspected, because it’s illegal.

4. What steps do you have to take in consideration before hiring an international employee? At first, the company needs to make sure if the international employee has a working permit, because the employment has to be legal. The culture of the organization should have a learning orientation. The company which hires international employees should consider if they have capabilities for learning from other cultures. The values of the organization need to be in line with the values of the employee, so other cultural influences become a secondary consideration. The...
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