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Unit 201 – Understand employment responsibilities and rights in health, social care or children and young people’s settings.

Outcome 1; know the statuary responsibilities and rights of employees and employers within own area of work.

The aspects of employment covered by law.

Employment of any kind is covered by law and legislations that are set out to protect the rights of those who are contracted to work.

When you become an employee in a work setting you will be given a contract which will state your right to work within that particular company and also your contract will state your terms and conditions.

Other laws and legislations that employers have to abide by are:

1. Providing a wage no less that the national minimum wage (according to the age category the employee falls in)

2. State the terms and conditions within their employment contract such as:

• Contracted hours

• Entitlement to paid holidays

• Sickness and Absences

• Disciplinary procedures

• Law acts that are fulfilled and abided by

Other minor pieces of information that can be incorporated within the work contracts, but may not necessarily be put in place by law and legislations are:

• Training

• Grievance leave

The main features of current employment legislation.

The main features of legislations put in place for those in contracted employment are:

1. Health and safety aspects

2. Discrimination

3. Rights

4. Pay

5. The national minimum wage

6. Time off and holidays

7. Working hours

8. Sickness and absence

Why does legislation relating to employment exist?

Legislation relating to employment exists to stop the exploitation of the workers and to protect their rights whilst in contracted work. Legislations such as the Discrimination Act 2005 (revised 2010) protect workers from being treated unfairly within the work place and regulations to be followed in order for other acts to be implemented and followed. If failed to do so, certain actions may not be discouraged and workers’ rights may be misused.

Internal and external sources, types of information and advice in relation to employment responsibilities and rights.

I am able to obtain information from my internal sources. These may consist of:

1. Contacting management/Supervisors

2. Contract (terms and conditions and/or job description)

3. Researching books and leaflets within the setting

My available external sources are:

• Citzens Advice Bureau

• Researching libraries

• Legal professions

• Trade Union

• Media (internet)

• website

Outcome 2: Understand the agreed ways of working that protect own relationship with employer.

Describe the Terms and Conditions of own contract of employment.

The terms and conditions of my own contract of employment are as follows:

• Contracted duties

• Contracted hours

• Pay

• Holidays

• Supervision, Policies and Procedures

• Sickness pay

• Dress code

• Drugs and Alcohol procedures

• Health and Safety

• Confidential Information

• Disclosure

• Equality and Diversity

Information shown on own pay statement.

On the pay statements that I receive monthly, there is a number of key information that must be displayed:

- National insurance and tax deductions (if applicable)

- Pay roll number

- Gross pay

- NET pay

- Rate pay

- Number of hours worked

- National insurance number

- Date of payment

The procedure to follow in event of grievance.

If I was to experience an unfortunate event of grievance, there is a hierarchy that will be followed in order to resolve the current circumstances....
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