Hr Exam Midterm

Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Discrimination Pages: 2 (328 words) Published: March 1, 2013

Part 3: 20 points (10 points per question)

SHORT-ANSWER. Answer the following questions in your examination booklet.

Question 1: The Legal Emphasis

Name and explain four kinds of intentional discrimination (8 points). Explain what is also known as unintentional discrimination (2 points).

Intentional Discrimination: (2 points per type)
oDirect – An employer deliberately refusing to hire, train, or promote an individual. It is important to realize that deliberate discrimination is not necessarily overt. oDifferential/unequal treatment – For example, it is illegal for an employer to request that only female applicants for a factory job demonstrate their lifting skills, or to insist that any candidates with a physical disability undergo a pre-employment medical, unless all applicants are being asked to do so. oIndirect – An employer may not ask someone else to discriminate on his or her behalf. oBased on association – It involves the denial of rights because of friendship or other relationship with a protected group member. An example would be the refusal of a firm to promote a highly qualified white male into senior management on the basis of the assumption that his wife, recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, will require too much of his time and attention, and that her needs may restrict his willingness to travel on company business.

Unintentional Discrimination is also known as constructive/systemic discrimination, and is the most difficult to detect and combat. Typically, it is embedded in policies and practices that, although appearing neutral on the surface and being implemented impartially, have adverse impact on specific groups of people for reasons that are not job related or required for the safe and efficient operation of the business (2 points)

Question 2: Recruitment

Under what five circumstances should a private employment agency be used?

2 points per circumstance

no HR department
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