How to Score A1 Grade in English Subject of Ssc

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English - Study Plan
Planning your study helps in making it extensive and thorough. Given below are some guidelines that may help you to score high in each section of SSC English papers. Answering questions based on the lessons in the main reader: Start by studying the questions for comprehension asked after each lesson at least a few times, which helps in grasping the important topics that can be asked in each lesson. Then take up a more detailed approach for a deeper understanding of each lesson-to understand questions better and know the necessary points to be written for each question. Make a note of the important topics-whichever can be asked as questions. Don’t depend entirely on the questions given after each lesson. Meanings:

Keep a dictionary beside you while reading lessons to look up the meanings of words you are not so sure of the meaning. Also a dictionary/thesaurus gives a list of similar meaning words. Meaning of the underlined word:

Knowing the different ways a word can be used and the meaning it conveys in each context helps you score marks in the ‘meaning of the underlined word’ section. Ask the teacher for the subtle differences in meanings and usages of those words. Pronunciation:

Listen carefully when the teacher pronounces unfamiliar words. Listening is the way to recognize sounds in a language. This will help in recognizing similarly pronounced words and rhyming words. Spellings:

While reading a lesson, observe the spellings and make note of words which may be mis-spelt. E.g.: enmity, pilgrimage, austere etc. This helps in recognizing the wrongly spelt words and correcting them. Read the exercises after each lesson also with a critical eye. Practice solving old question papers, bit banks etc and keep evaluating yourself-your strengths and areas that need more work. Rewriting sentences as directed:

Practice the different sentence structures (Direct- Indirect speech, Active-passive voice,...
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