How to Crappie Fish

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February 5, 2013
How to Successfully Crappie Fish
Have you ever watched a fishing show and wished you could catch fish just as easily as the professionals? They seem to catch big fish every few minutes, but when you go fishing, you might catch one or two in a few hours! This task is also even more difficult and frustrating when you fish for a specific species of fish, such as crappie, one of the many southern delicacies. Learning to fish is a strenuous task, but with the correct materials and setting, you, too, can be just as great as the fishing experts you see on TV. With the use of a jig pole, a variety of jigs, and a depth finder/trolling motor/boat combination, I will explain how to catch crappie easily and successfully.

First, you will need a jig pole specifically used to catch crappie. One brand of jig poles that I recommend is B-n-M; it is a jig pole company known to specifically handle crappies. The jig pole will need to be twelve feet in length. This length is ideal because you will not have to use much fishing line in order to reach a specified depth.

The next thing you should do is purchase a variety of jigs (artificial bait) so that you can accommodate the jig with the lake environment (e.g. depth, muddiness, plant-life, etc.). The preferred brand of jigs that I use is from the Bobby Garland Company, for they have the most color variety and their products resemble natural baitfish, i.e. shad and minnows. Two types of jigs I recommend are hair jigs and plastic tube jigs. Hair jigs mimic a baitfish’s slow movement that attracts crappies, and plastic tube jigs look the most realistic. Chartreuse is the preferred color for both hair and plastic tube jigs because not only is it the universal color for crappie preference, it is also proven to work the best in a variety of lakes.

Lastly, you will need to obtain the best depth-finder/trolling motor/boat combination for your fishing needs. I listed this material combination last because it is the...
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