Leather Made of Janitor Fish Skin

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  • Published: January 10, 2012
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Leather Made of Janitor Fish Skin

In ancient times, animal skin has been used by our ancestors as their reliable clothing for cold climates. The time is evolving; many ideas came out for where to get other sources of leather since the usage of animal fur and skins is against the animal welfare law for some countries, especially if the animal is an endangered species. Many manufacturers are seeking for other alternatives that can be used as Leather. On the other hand, Janitor fish is considered a pest because it brings imbalance to the ecosystem in some parts of the world, especially in the Philippines. Considering Janitor fish as pest, we can benefit from a pest by making its skin into leather. Janitor fish or the scientifically known as Hypostomus plecostomus is also commonly called Suckerfish, Sucker mouth Catfish or Pleco. Janitor fishes feed on algae, aquatic weeds, small crustaceans and other aquatic creatures. Moreover, janitor fishes would easily adapt in an environment where there is food. These fishes are peaceful in nature, thus, in an aquarium set-up; they can live with other fishes but are aggressive with fishes of the same kind. It was called such because of its sucking-like mouth. This specie originated from the Tropical Central America and South America. It usually dwells in fresh running waters and salty waters of river mouths. This specie is of no value as food, yet it is in demand in the aquarium industry in United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and even in the Philippines. . Here in the Philippines it is widely known as the Janitor Fish. It earned its name when it was first introduced here as an aquarium pet. It is usually seen in the sides of fish tanks sucking the growing algae. In the late 90’s, Marikina River was teeming with several freshwater species, some of which are the tilapia, carp, catfish, mudfish, and golden apple snail. Fishermen survived with just fishing in this river because of...
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