Honors Biology Midterm Exam Answer Packet

Topics: Photosynthesis, Cell, Protein Pages: 14 (2314 words) Published: March 31, 2013

Honors Biology – Mid Term Review

|Characteristics of Life | | |What is the difference between stimulus and response?|Stimulus: causes you to react/respond, ex: something that irritates your eyes | |Give an example of each |Response: reaction to/response to a stimulus, ex: eyes closing/blinking/squinting/tearing as a result of the | | |irritant | |Multicellular organisms have order to their parts. In|Smallest part to largest level of organization: | |increasing order of complexity the parts are |Cell, tissues, organ, organ systems | |organized in: | | |Autotrophs (producers) must be exposed to what |Sunglight!! – no sunlight means no photosynthesis | |abiotic factor in order to survive? | | |Different species which live closely together and |mutualism | |help each other out exhibit a symbiotic lifestyle | | |known as__________ | | |An example of two species that exhibit the lifestyle |Clown fish and anemone | |described in the previous question are: |Bees and flowers | |What type of reproduction involves only one parent? |Asexual reproduction | |Give three examples of the type of reproduction |Binary fission | |described in the previous question. |budding | | |take one part of a plant and letting it grow into a whole new plant | |The ability to maintain constant optimum internal |homeostasis | |conditions necessary for life is the ability to | | |maintain _____ | | |Ecology/Environment | | |What combinations of birth and death rates result in |Increased BIRTH rate and decreased DEATH rate | |greatest growth rate of populations? |...
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